Author Topic: Welcome to the new X1000 Forums!  (Read 17700 times)


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Welcome to the new X1000 Forums!
« on: June 14, 2005, 04:26:59 PM »
Hello Everyone,

With the recent demise of the X1000 Forums <>, I decided to start my own forums.  Right now they are hosted on a minimal machine, but if they turn out to be a hit then I will have to upgrade a bit.  Please stay and enjoy as we try to rebuild the lost content from the old site.  I know this laptop is getting old, but it is still a really great machine.  Thanks for all of you support!
-Kyle Farnung

Lenovo T60 2613HKU: 14.1" SXGA+, C2D T7200, 2GB RAM (2x1GB), 128MB Radeon X1400, 120GB 5400RPM HD, DVD-Burner, IPW 3945, BT, XP Pro