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Howdy.  My NX7000 (2003 UK model) is still quite perky.  The graphics drivers have recently decided to blue screen with any fullscreen Flash, but I guess it's a W7/driver problem more than anything (it was fine a couple months ago).  I think I'll revert back to XP soon.  I do have a slightly fidgety trackpad every so often.  Again, mostly with Flash doing its thing.

I do however find DX8.1 a pain - you really want DX9 as a minimum.  I think this is the real beginning of programmes (games) disappearing out of reach for this 7 1/2 year old machine.  Booting and running full res is no problem though.  But no transparency.

PS I've upgraded CPU, RAM and HD.  Graphics remain as crap as ever.

I think I'll push it for another few years to reach the full decade.  Then throw it out the window.  Get a record or something.  Will this forum even be alive then?

General / Re: It lives! Bringing the X1000 back to life...
« on: February 16, 2010, 02:54:14 PM »
I have run Ubuntu on my X1000 before but never got the wireless to work.

I've tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu - I still don't understand the whole updating/installing programs.  Wireless and everything worked OK though - out of the box, including resolution and sound.  This mega-hub for program management idea seems good, but never works in a way that I get.  Windows I get, Linux (and OSX) are a massive mystery to me.

Sorry for those who tried getting WM7 to work with my step-by-step but couldn't.  I guess you have a newer version than the NX7000 I have - probably a need to find other drivers.  Or something.  For the record, the SD card reader remains unreadable.  I never used it back in the day, but now it's standard issue and would be quite useful!  Just waiting for that perfect netbook and I'm upgrading.

General / Re: Windows 7 on nx7010 (x1000)
« on: October 23, 2009, 03:47:19 PM »
Hi All,

Can't help tinkering with my NX7000 - 6 years now is it?  Blimey!

Anyway, the easiest way to get native resolution in W7 is as follows:

1. Install W7;
2. Download the latest XP drivers from HP (at this time, for me it's sp30204.exe);
3. Run the .exe (which will fail - note the folder it installs in, again for me it's under C:\swsetup\SP30204)*;
4. Go to Device Manager;
5. Right-click and "update driver software" under "Display adapters";
6. "Browse my computer";
7. Point to the relevant folder;
8. Full 1680x1050 goodness and "Mobility Radeon 9200" correctly identified.

I haven't tried external displays - feel free to give it a go and report back.

Quite why this hasn't been spelled out before I don't know - such a simple task and it took me ages to figure out.  Deliberately cryptic or incomplete answers should mean an internet ban.  For a couple days maybe.

*UPDATE: the latest HP drivers don't seem to like hibernate, sleep or full screen flash (Youtube, 4OD, iPlayer).  I suggest downloading this driver pack from Asus, unzip it to somewhere sensible and go to point 4 above.  It's a newer driver (2006) which seems to have more recent Vista (and 7) compatibility - everything (other than Aero) seems to work.  Enjoy!

Upgrades and Accessories / Re: Which CPU
« on: November 05, 2008, 11:28:46 AM »
Have a look here:


and here:

I'd say the SL7EP should be fine, but I can't see anything about the SL8BA.  If you mean SL7BA, that should work.  If you mean SL86A, that won't work either.  That's assuming you have a 400MHz FSB which I'm sure you have but I'm too lazy to check that 100%.

Upgrades and Accessories / Re: Processor upgrade questions
« on: April 17, 2008, 12:14:00 PM »
Of course you can upgrade higher - my 2GHz Dothan is running at a reasonable 70deg C at full load, 50deg C idle.  Clean out the junk in your radiator!

Upgrades and Accessories / Re: Just upgraded to Dothan
« on: April 17, 2008, 12:09:41 PM »
Seconded, thanks for the useful site.

I came about a Dell with a busted screen heading for the skip.  Managed to scrounge the 2x 1gig memory modules and the 2.0GHz Dothan, both working quite happily and stable at 70 degC under full load (Hmonitor for temp, Hot CPU Tester for stress test and Everest for everything else).

I'm just about to swap the wireless cards from B to G, which fingers crossed will be painless, and maybe mess about with the Dell GPU once I've had time to properly gut it.

Shame the chipset's not a 915 - I recently successfully pin-modded an old Celeron to overclock by 33% - this Dothan 2GHz is screaming to be ramped up...

Again, thanks for a great site - the above tinkering could not have been possible.  Probably.

EDIT: forgot to mention the 7200rpm HDD which works a charm.  Scavenging FTW!.

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