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Drivers / F.34 BIOS installation file
« on: January 09, 2009, 01:45:30 PM »
I just bought my wife a new laptop so I've inherited her X1010US.  Thanks to this website, I've learned that everything that ails it can be easily fixed.  I've already ordered a new power jack and once that's installed and working I'll move on to upgrading the processor, RAM, etc.  So thanks to everyone for all the information here.

I've seen comments that the F.34 BIOS was fine but the newer F.55 BIOS prevents other 802.11b/g cards from being installed.  Naturally, HP only has the F.55 BIOS available for download from HP.  My machine has the F.02 BIOS installed, so I thought upgrading it might resolve some of the issues we've been having with it.  However I can't find this file available anywhere.  Does anyone have the file they can send me or post? 


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