Author Topic: BIOS mod needed! F.55  (Read 96042 times)


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BIOS mod needed! F.55
« on: January 25, 2013, 09:39:19 AM »
I'm still buying and refurbishing these models for older folks like me and for parents who want a cheap model for their kids first laptop.  In doing so, I try to upgrade to the last BIOS F.55 but I'm having problems with the whitelisting of WiFi cards.  I know the F.34 BIOS will use any card and I'd be happy doing that but the F.55 BIOS has been changed to allow recharging of the battery when it is almost dead so I definitely want to use that feature with these older models.  So has anyone modded the F.55 BIOS to eliminate the WList checking?  I found a thread and a file but every time to go the published link, it says the file has been deleted!  Anyone know where I can grab a working F.55 BIOS with the WList checking disabled?